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Self Service Password Reset


If you have forgotten your Oxleas network username or password (these are the details you use to initally log into the Oxleas network), you can find out your username and/or reset your password using our self-service online portal.

The Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) portal has replaced Oxleas Identity Manager (IDM) on PCs, laptops, and Apple devices (ie. iPads etc).

If you are new to this portal, you will need to set up your security questions and answers. If you have not set up your security questions, you will be reminded when you login to your laptop/PC after a short period of time.

We will also be releasing a ‘forgot your password’ feature at the login screen very soon.


On PCs and laptops

On your PC/Laptop it can be found in your Oxleas Favourites by clicking on SSPR. 

You can also access the portal via this link:

This will allow you to change your password, set up security questions and update your profile.

On Apple devices

To access this on your Apple devices (such as iPads), please tap on the icon that says SSPR (icon illustrated here).

Portal homepage

On the SSPR homepage, you can change your password, set up your security questions and update your profile, including job title, telephone number and team base location, which are the details displayed in The Ox Phonebook. It is important that you ensure your details are kept up to date on a regular basis.

Changing your Directorate

In preparation for some of our service directorates changing on 1 October 2021, you may need to log into SSPR to change your Directorate.

  • Find out how here

Resetting your password remotely

If you reset your password at a non-Oxleas site (ie. at home), then you will need to attend an Oxleas site and connect to the Wi-Fi, or connect via the ethernet cable, and login with your new password.